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Glasslyn, Montenotte and Tivoli Roads Residents’ Association (GMTRA) & Neighbourhood Watch

Minutes of 2019 AGM

Date:   Tuesday October 15 2019
Place:   The Hornsey Club
Chair:   Virginia Jackson (Glasslyn Road)
Committee:  John Tillotson - Treasurer (View Crescent), Ken Moore, Susan Lonsdale, Adam Sharples, John Walters (Glasslyn Road), Simon Williets (Tivoli Road), Andy Wiley (Montenotte Road)

Present: John Wilson (Chair, CASCH), Councillor Dawn Barnes, Councillor Luke Cawley-Harrison (Haringey Council Members), Chris Waite (Hornsey Club), Rob Jackson, Irene Walters, Pam Beck, Sharon Burns, Don Kelleher, Christine Kelleher, Glyn Matthews, Françoise Moore, Tony Smith, Ching Smith, Barbara Bleiman, Sandra Peterken, Oliver Peterken, Kate Mason, Yuriko Kishida, Tim Parker, Dan Ehrlich, Sarah Budgett, Richard Budgett, Emma Rose, Robert Chalmers, Mike Chalmers, Colin Reading, Heulwen Reading, Nick Bloxam, Helen Robinson, James Souter, and others.

Apologies: Ken Moore (Committee), Stan Newman, Andy Wiley (Committee), Simon Williets (Committee), David Scott, Wilhelm Skogstad, Julia and Michael Steen, Eric Froggatt, John Heagarty, Jane Campbell.

1. Introductions
Virginia welcomed everyone to the AGM especially Cllrs Dawn Barnes and Luke Cawley-Harrison. She introduced members of the committee and invited all attendees to introduce themselves.

3. Minutes of 2018 AGM
The minutes of the 2018 AGM had been circulated and were approved.

4. Matters arising
Luke Cawley-Harrison reported on the petition that had been circulated for a zebra crossing near the junction of Park and Wolseley Roads. The Council have put this into the Liveable Crouch End scheme.

5. Finance
John Tillotson, our Treasurer tabled his report for 2018/2019. Total committed expenditure in the year amounted to £950.30, which covered the cost of 3 new trees (£750) for the neighbourhood, the cost of hosting the website and costs associated with the 2018 AGM (£200.30). It was agreed to keep the annual membership fee at £5.00 per household.

6.  Membership
John T. also tabled a membership report. GMTRA currently communicates via email to over 125 individuals living in the area. This covers 103 households, representing 66% of all households.

7. Report on activities 2018/19
Virginia thanked the committee for their work over the past year and outlined their responsibilities. John Tillotson continues to be our Treasurer as well as dealing with Membership, and keeping our website up to date e.g. recently, updated the list of traders. He has also held meetings with residents and others concerning local issues including Fusion’s plans for the Lido. Adam Sharples continues to deal with Streetscene. John Walters has been our Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator and liaised with the police. He invited Jereme McKaskill, Project Leader of Liveable Crouch End to a meeting with members at Highgate Wood School. Simon Williets has supported us at local meetings. Andy Wiley set up a very helpful WhatsApp group for the committee. Sue Lonsdale is our Secretary, organises our quarterly meetings as well as taking minutes.
John Walters thanked Virginia for her excellent work as chair of the committee.

8. Highgate Wood School
Virginia liaises with Tristan Ashman, Assistant Head Teacher. He issued invitations for residents to a comedy evening, to a morning tea for older residents to meet some of their students, and to the “Schools for Kwibuka” remembering the Rwandan genocide. Residents attended these. He also agreed that GMTRA could hold the Liveable Crouch End meeting in the school free of charge. The school is very responsive to concerns raised about student behaviour in our streets. He let us know that visitors to the school’s annual Open Evening had been asked not to come by car, but some still did.

9. Streetscene
Adam Sharples keeps an eye on the condition of our roads, including things like litter and overflowing bins, which are reported to Veolia. He liaises with the Council and encouraged residents to use their
Our Haringey App to report matters of concern. He has been trying to get the Council to put the top of Glasslyn Road on the priority list for gritting in icy weather.  He is also working with the Shepherds Cot Trust regarding the removal of the broken fence. The School has agreed to this but are waiting for a grant allocation to pay for it.
Luke Cawley-Harrison reported that the App has been very effective in relation to fly tipping and has speeded up the response. He encouraged more people to use it. Our website shows members how to get the App. Residents can take a photo of something untoward in the area, choose the appropriate section of the App and send it to the Council.  Glyn Matthews suggested the Council should number bins to facilitate reporting overflows.

10. Neighbourhood Watch
John Walters reminded the meeting that this is also the AGM of our Neighbourhood Watch. He reiterated the crime prevention tips that Virginia regularly and very promptly passes on to members. The big issue this year has been the theft of catalytic converters and advice has been circulated from police on ways of preventing this, although it is very difficult to do so. John attended the Safer Neighbourhoods Team Ward Panel meetings on behalf of the GMTRA. He informed the AGM that he is standing down from the Committee this year.
Virginia thanked John for all his work over many years. He was a co-Chair with Virginia around 10 years ago. The Committee very much appreciated his judgement and advice on matters to do with Neighbourhood Watch and policing.

11. Members concerns and suggestions
Over the past year, the Council put in a bid for a grant from TfL and was awarded £4.8 million to implement a
Liveable Crouch End scheme to encourage more walking, cycling, and use of public transport. As part of this, a ‘trial’ of closing a few roads is taking place until 20 October 2019. Concerns about the scheme that were expressed included (a) the validity of the trial, (b) a lack of concern about people having to get to work, (c) a lack of concern about elderly and disabled people who need their cars, (d) the pollution caused by resultant traffic jams, (e) a lack of bus shelters, (f) the need for better pavements for people who will have to walk or catch buses. Increasing the number of buses in Crouch End will be constrained by the two terminals at Muswell Hill and Finsbury Park.
It was noted that an online survey was still open and members were encouraged to respond to it.

12. Election of Committee
Chair: Virginia Jackson (nominated by Stan Newman, seconded by David Scott)
Treasurer: John Tillotson (nominated by Sue Lonsdale, seconded by Rob Jackson)
Susan Lonsdale, Ken Moore, Adam Sharples, Simon Williets, and Andy Wiley were re-elected onto the Committee. All three roads and View Crescent continue to be represented on the committee.

 13. AOB
Chris Waite President of the Hornsey Club informed the meeting that next year the Club will be celebrating its 150th anniversary and will be holding various events in the grounds.  He said the Club was formed at the Maynard Arms in 1869. He said that since the introduction of the Club’s new private parking system the car park has been emptier and therefore it has been easier for members and their visitors to park there.

Virginia thanked Chris Waite for again allowing GMTRA the use of their clubroom for their AGM. She also reminded members to sign the Attendance sheet.
Tony Smith thanked members of the committee for all their work over the year.

The meeting closed and everyone then socialised with drinks, snacks and conversation.