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Glasslyn, Montenotte and Tivoli Roads Residents’ Association & Neighbourhood Watch

Minutes of 2018 AGM

Date:   Tuesday October 16th 2018
Place:   The Hornsey Club
Chair:   Virginia Jackson (Glasslyn Road)
Committee: John Tillotson - Treasurer (View Crescent), Ken Moore, Susan Lonsdale, Adam Sharples, John Walters (Glasslyn Road), Simon Williets (Tivoli Road)

Present: John Wilson (Chair, CASCH), Councillor Tammy Palmer (Haringey Council Member), Chris Waite (Hornsey Club), Rob Jackson, Irene Walters, Stan Newman, Pam Beck, Lynnette Oliphant, Natalie Joseph, B. Joseph, Andy Wiley, C. Meadows, Charlotte Souter, James Souter, Sharon Burns, Jane Campbell, Eleanor Ratliff, Peter Ratliff, Evan Ivey, Tanya Ivey, Peter Barber, Don Kelleher, Christine Kelleher, Miriam Bindman, Andreas Michael, Karen Matthews, Glyn Matthews, Wilhelm Skogstad, Veronica Flavell and 3 others

ApologiesNick and Monica Bloxam, Dave Cohen, Stephanie and Keith Lawrence, Helen Robinson, David and Sumiko Scott, Tony and Ching Smith, Françoise Moore, Kate Mason, Pipa and Nick Evans.

1. Introductions

Virginia welcomed everyone to the AGM. She introduced members of the committee and invited all attendees to introduce themselves. She advised the meeting that Andrew Major from the Time + Space Co had unfortunately had to send his apologies due to the ill health of his mother. Rob Jackson from the Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum kindly agreed to report on the Town Hall in his place.

2. Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre

In 2016 The Council put out a tender to bid for the Town Hall lease, refurbishing it and building some housing on the land behind it. The Far East Consortium (FEC) won the contract. The FEC subsequently changed the plans to increase the number of apartments and to increase the height of the buildings. The Council accepted this revised design and have granted full planning permission. The FEC awarded Time + Space (Piers Read) a contract for the Arts Centre. In May 2018 FEC signed a lease for 130 years. The lease included a community use clause and specified an amount of time the Town Hall will give up to community use. The Art Centre will take up the bulk of the building and will include a theatre. On the first floor an area will be made available for weddings and events. There may even be a cinema. There will be a 60-room boutique hotel with a bar on the roof run by Dorsett Hotels, a subsidiary of FEC. They already run hotels in Aldgate and Shepherds Bush.

There is now a show flat for viewing. The flats can be bought off plan through Savilles although it will take about 2 to 3 years to build them. 40 Parking spaces will be available.

The lease includes the green space in front of the Town Hall. It will remain open to the public. There was a consultation on three possible designs. The most popular was chosen. The CE Festival will continue to be held there.

FEC expect to start the work on the Town Hall in March 2019, envisioning opening the Art Centre in 2021. All construction access will be on the other side of the Library.

3. Minutes of 2017 AGM

The minutes of the 2017 AGM had been circulated and were approved.

4. Matters arising

Virginia confirmed that GMTRA was granted £1,000 for sponsored trees from the Crouch End Ward budget and had agreed 6 locations for new small trees. Subsequently Alex Fraser, Haringey’s Principal Arboriculture Officer, advised us he’d been instructed to appoint a highways contractor to create all new tree pits and it’s likely they would not have an agreement or contract for this work until later in the year. They now aim to plant our sponsored trees during the next planting season, November 2018-April 2019.

5. Finance

The Treasurer tabled the annual Income and Expenditure Account to 30 September 2018, which showed a balance of £651.69.

6.  Membership

John T. also tabled a brief membership report. GMTRA currently communicates, via email to over 120 individuals living in the area. This covers 103 households, representing 66% of all households.

7. Report on activities 2017/18

Virginia thanked the committee for their work over the past year and mentioned their responsibilities. She also advised that Cllrs Dawn Barnes, Tammy Palmer, and Luke Cawley-Harrison joined our recent committee meeting.

  • Highgate Wood School
    Virginia liaises with Tristan Ashman, Assistant Head Teacher, who let GMTRA know about the recent Open Evening. She had circulated notice of a planning application for a new temporary modular classroom with store (3 years) to be located at the end of the all-weather pitch, to relatively nearby residents. It was not expected there would be any opposition to this. In any event, it is a ‘Council’s’ own development.
  • Streetscene
    Adam Sharples keeps an eye on the condition of our three roads, including things like litter and overflowing bins, which are reported to Veolia. There are continuing issues with regard to rubbish and fly tipping. He has been trying to get the Council to put Glasslyn Road on the priority list for gritting in icy weather.

    Committee members not only cleared the area under the trees at the bottom of Wolseley Road of weeds and self-seeded saplings, but in order to get things done, have cut back tree branches, which were causing problems in our roads.

    This year was the 50th anniversary of the Park Road pool and aquatic centre. There was a large and very noisy celebration, but this is likely to be a one-off event. Their charge for hiring out the Centre is £10,000 so it may not be too busy. Adam alerted the meeting to the Our Haringey App. Residents can take a photo e.g. of something untoward in the area, choose the appropriate section of the App and send it to the Council.
  • Website
    John Tillotson advised that the website is kept up-to-date regularly and welcomes any ideas, input, or corrections from members.

8. Neighbourhood Watch
John Walters reminded the meeting that this is also the AGM of our Neighbourhood Watch. He reiterated the crime prevention tips that Virginia regularly and very promptly passes on to members such as having a mortise lock on the front door, closing and locking windows especially in winter when it gets dark early, and having timed lighting for when people are on holiday. John is a member of Road Watch, which makes a note of people driving over the speed limit and reporting this to the police. They can’t prosecute but the police do follow up and warn persistent offenders. He also attends the Ward Panel meetings on behalf of the GMTRA.

Karen Matthews commented on the usefulness of the Safer Neighbourhoods WhatsApp group. John Tillotson agreed to put a notification on the website about the WhatsApp group.

A question was raised about having a zebra crossing in Wolseley Road. Wilhelm Skogstad suggested having a petition to request one. John Walters commented on the curved nature of the road, which tends to slow traffic down.

9. Members concerns and suggestions

Wilhelm raised the issue of the Council’s offer to arrange a group Solar Panel scheme for residents and asked why the Committee had not encouraged residents to take up the offer. The Committee felt that they could not push for one Council initiative over and above others; if they supported all Council initiatives, the Committee’s work would be overwhelming.

Councillor Tammy Palmer reported on the initiatives that the three newly elected members were working on. (1) Ensuring we have a liveable neighbourhood. They are applying for funds from TfL to look at different and better ways of moving around the Ward area. This is at an early stage and offers the local community an opportunity to get involved. (2) Working with the leisure centre, Fusion on complaints from users such as pricing for older users, staffing, and equipment. (3) Helping rough sleepers. One initiative is putting up laminated signs with the street link contact and details of where shelters are for rough sleepers this winter.

10. Election of Committee

Chair: Virginia Jackson (nominated by John Walters, seconded by Stan Newman)
Treasurer: John Tillotson (nominated by Rob Jackson, Seconded by Ken Moore)
Susan Lonsdale, Ken Moore, Adam Sharples, John Walters and Simon Williets were elected onto the Committee. Andy Wiley was invited to join the Committee, which means we now have a representative from Montenotte Road.

 11. AOB

Virginia thanked Chris Waite for again allowing GMTRA the use of their clubroom.

The meeting finished, and everyone then socialised with drinks, snacks and conversation.