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Glasslyn, Montenotte and Tivoli Roads Residents’ Association & Neighbourhood Watch

Minutes of 2017 AGM

Date:   Tuesday October 17th 2017
Place:   The Hornsey Club
Chair:   Virginia Jackson (Glasslyn Road)
Committee: John Tillotson - Treasurer (View Crescent), Ken Moore, Susan Lonsdale, Adam Sharples, John Walters (Glasslyn Road), Simon Williets (Tivoli Road)

Present: Catherine West, MP, John Wilson (Chair, CASCH), Councillor Jason Arthur (Haringey Council Member), Chris Waite (Hornsey Club), Andrew Newton (Shepherds Cot Trust), PC Chris Allen (Crouch End Safer Neighbourhood Team), Rob Jackson, Irene Walters, Ching Smith, Tony Smith, Pam Beck, Eric Beck, Lynnette Oliphant, Natalie Joseph, Barbara Bleiman, Dave Cohen, Andreas Michael, Helena Cook, Nick Evans, Kate Mason, Karen Matthews, John Heagarty, David Scott, Emma Mattson-Duggan and others.

Apologies: Stan Newman, Françoise Moore, Heulwen and Colin Reading, Wilhelm Skogstad.

1. Introductions
Virginia welcomed everyone to the AGM. She introduced members of the committee and invited all attendees to introduce themselves. She advised the meeting that Catherine West MP would be speaking at the end of the AGM and also that Chris Allen, one of the Crouch End ward police officers would be attending.

2. Minutes of 2016 AGM
The minutes of the 2016 AGM had been circulated and were approved.

3. Matters arising
There were no matters arising.

4. Finance
The Treasurer tabled the annual Income and Expenditure Account to 30 September 2017 which showed a balance of £488.51. John presented his report and informed the meeting that the main expenses this past year were the costs of the AGM and the host website. There was no income during the year due to last year’s AGM vote to have a moratorium on fees.

5.  Membership
There was a discussion on whether or not to have a membership fee.  The Chair explained that in the coming year GMTRA’s main aim was likely to be to sort out the pavements especially in Glasslyn and Tivoli Roads. This could include considering the removal of some large trees that are damaging the pavements and getting them replaced with small trees suitable for our streets i.e. Flowering Cherry (Prunus pandora), Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna ‘Stricta’) or Serviceberry (Amelanchier arborea ‘Robin Hill’).  Some residents would also like a tree planted by their houses. As from January 2017 the cost of sponsoring a new tree is £250. It was unanimously agreed that there should be £5 membership fee and GMTRA should also ask residents for donations towards new trees. Councillor Jason Arthur told the meeting that each ward has a discretionary fund of £10,000, which to date has been spent on supporting carers, the open space, and potentially could be used to plant more trees. The Committee agreed to look into this.

There are 152 households in the GMTRA area.  GMTRA has 103 email addresses for these, thus giving the GMTRA a 68% coverage.

6. Report on activities 2016/17
Virginia thanked the committee for their work over the past year.
John Tillotson our Treasurer also dealt with membership and kept GMTRA’s website up-to-date.
Susan Lonsdale our Secretary arranged and minuted quarterly meetings.
Adam Sharples dealt with Streetscene.
John Walters our Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator also liaised with the police.
Ken Moore met with the Hornsey Club and also took the minutes at one of our meetings.
Simon Williets hosted our last committee meeting. 

John Walters thanked Virginia for being an admirably hard working Chair.

  • Highgate Wood School
    Virginia reported that this year she had met with Patrick Cozier (Head) and more recently with Tristan Ashman (Deputy Head and Community Liaison). The school is permitted to have the all-weather pitch floodlights on until 9pm Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays. They currently have lettings for all 39 weeks the school is open. It’s unlikely the floodlights will be needed in 2018 after the Easter Holidays.The school’s roofing project is behind schedule and the completion date likely to be w/c 6 November. They have also been experiencing problems with timers and recently lights around the Drum had been left on 24/7.
  • Streetscene
    Adam Sharples keeps an eye on the condition of our three roads, including things like litter and overflowing bins, which are reported to Veolia. He thanked Councillor Jason Arthur for following up a number of issues with the Council. The electrical recycling bin at the bottom of Wolseley Road has been removed in an attempt to stop dumping at the site. He reported an old school fence alongside the path from Montenotte Road is badly damaged and work needs to be done in this area.
  • Website
    John Tillotson advised he kept the website up-to-date on roughly a monthly basis and welcomed any ideas or input from members.
  • Communications
    Virginia said GMTRA used to remind members they could circulate messages via the Glasslyn Residents’ Yahoo discussion group set up in 2003 and subsequently managed by James Warham. It’s not a GMTRA group and as James has moved out of the area it was agreed that this would no longer be maintained. 

7. Neighbourhood Watch
John Walters reminded the meeting that this is also the AGM of our Neighbourhood Watch. He reiterated the crime prevention tips that GMTRA passes on to members such as having a good lock on the front door, closing and locking windows especially in winter when it gets dark early, and fastening bicycles and mopeds securely. GMTRA tries to keep residents informed about any crime that occurs in our streets. Crouch End has traditionally been low in crime, but there has been a considerable increase in young people on mopeds snatching mobile phones across London as a whole including Crouch End. John is a member of Road Watch, which makes a note of people driving over the speed limit and reporting this to the police. They can’t prosecute but the police do follow up and warn persistent offenders.
John thanked Police Officer Chris Allen who was present at our AGM. Chris welcomed the work GMTRA is doing and said the police welcome members of the public who would like to volunteer to help the police. In general, the police are putting more resources into personnel than buildings. Hornsey Station will close down as few people now go to the station to report crime. Police officers will use tablets now to report crime.

8. Election of Committee
Chair: Virginia Jackson (nominated by John Walters, seconded by Stan Newman)
Treasurer: John Tillotson (nominated by Rob Jackson, Seconded by Ken Moore)
Susan Lonsdale, Ken Moore, Adam Sharples, John Walters and Simon Williets were elected onto the Committee.

9. Catherine West MP
Catherine West addressed the meeting and spoke of a number of matters of interest to residents. Virginia thanked Catherine for coming and meeting with GMTRA.

10. Members’ concerns and suggestions
Catherine West answered a number of questions raised by those at the meeting, but there were otherwise no specific matters raised.

11. AOB
Andy Newton, Shepherds Cot Trust Treasurer, said a few words about the Shepherds Cot area and also the incident where bicycles were stolen from outside the Highgate Tennis Club.
Chris Waite spoke about the Hornsey Cricket Club and its relationship with its neighbours. Virginia thanked Chris for allowing GMTRA the use of their clubroom.

The meeting finished and everyone then socialised with drinks, snacks and conversation.