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NOTE;- Items of news will be added to this page as and when appropriate.

The GMTRA normally circulates news-worthy information to all members immediately the information is available.

The GMTRA will continue to keep the circulation of emails to a minimum, there will be times when it will be important that we do contact you. Therefore, we would like to encourage you all to send any applicable information and in particular any security warnings - e.g. about theft, attempted break-ins, bogus callers etc. – which you believe would help your neighbours. Please forward this information to so that if appropriate, this information can be circulated to all members. Perhaps you would also let us know when any new residents move into our area so that GMTRA can welcome them and hopefully get them to become members of the GMTRA.

2019-20 Reports

1. Annual Report

It is sad that due to COVID-19 we are unable to hold the Annual General Meeting of the Glasslyn, Montenotte and Tivoli Roads Residents’ Association and Neighbourhood Watch this year. In normal circumstances we hold our AGMs in October, the start of our financial year, and in recent years have enjoyed having them and meeting with residents in the Clubhouse of the Hornsey Cricket Club.

The Minutes of our 2019 AGM are available on our website, If you wish to raise any matters arising from them or if there are any concerns and suggestions you would like to make please email New committee members would be very welcome so do please let us know if you would like to join us.

Currently 2019/20 committee members Virginia Jackson, Chair (Glasslyn Road), Sue Lonsdale (Glasslyn Road), Adam Sharples (Glasslyn Road), John Tillotson, Treasurer (View Crescent), Simon Williets (Tivoli Road) and Andy Wiley (Montenotte Road) have agreed to remain on the committee for a further year.

Our website contains useful information for residents and links to other websites. Our Treasurer, John Tillotson, keeps it up-to-date.
Messages sent to our email address,, are read only by Virginia Jackson and John Tillotson who circulate GMTRA’s emails bcc to members.

Planning Applications
We continue to monitor the Council’s weekly list of planning applications and when necessary keep relevant residents informed.

Your committee tries to make sure our roads and pavements and our environment are clean and looked after. Adam Sharples leads and is happy to look into any issues you have (please contact via the GMTRA email address). This year we have:

  • kept an eye on litter, bins and street sweeping and reported problems to Veolia. There was a particular problem in January with broken glass being left on the road by refuse lorries which Veolia dealt with promptly;
  • reported blocked drains on Glasslyn Road which were contributing to flooding at at the bottom of the road; arranged for damaged pavements to be fixed; arranged for some items dumped in the street to be removed; and reported the danger from the missing doors on the Virgin Media cable box on Wolseley Road;
  • continued to press for Glasslyn Road to be raised to priority 1 for gritting during icy spells in winter (Montenotte Road is already priority 1). The council said they would upgrade Glasslyn Road on a trial basis last winter and we’ve received confirmation that this has been made permanent;
  • worked with the Shepherds Cot Trust and Highgate Wood School on plans to repair the fences on the road down to the playing fields. Unfortunately the grant application that was made to pay for these works was not accepted so we’re looking out for alternative sources of funding (do let us know if you are aware of any sources we could approach).
    Haringey Council have a very neat App for reporting problems (called ‘Love Clean Streets’) which you can download onto your smartphone. You can download it here:
    Download Love Clean Streets for iPhone
    Download Love Clean Streets for Android   

At present the six new small trees - Amalanchier, Sargent’s Cherry and Hawthorn – planted in our streets in 2019 are looking good. We’re grateful to those of you who’ve looked after them during the hot weather.

Neighbourhood Watch
GMTRA is a member of the Haringey Association of Neighbourhood Watches and over the last 12 months we have regularly forwarded crime prevention advice received from Pauline Syddell, Haringey’s Neighbourhood Watch & Parks Link Manager. We also liaise with Shepherds Cot Trust Neighbourhood Watch. We have maintained contact with the Crouch End Police Safer Neighbourhoods Team and attended meetings with representatives from both the Crouch End and Highgate teams. We promptly circulate warnings about any local crimes. We appreciate hearing from residents who are victims of crime so that we can advise the neighbourhood if appropriate (without mentioning personal information).

Local connections
GMTRA appreciates our special relationship with the Hornsey Cricket Club and would like to record our gratitude to them for allowing us to use the Clubhouse for our AGMs free of charge and inviting residents to watch the fireworks from their premises in the past. We circulated a number of messages from the Club after the start of lockdown.

Prior to lockdown Virginia Jackson liaised with Tristan Ashman, Assistant Head Teacher, at Highgate Wood School. Last year we were invited to  ‘Chai Day’which took place at the school on Monday 25 November, the UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and we were also allowed to use the school as a meeting venue for Liveable Crouch End. Since the Liveable Crouch End meeting in 2019 both John Tillotson and Virginia Jackson attended a meeting there in January this year led by the Liveable Crouch End project team. With the start of lockdown the project has been put on hold byTfL and it is not clear whether it will be revived.

We’ve circulated messages from the Shepherds Cot Trust advising residents about the locking of the two main gates when the sporting activity was suspended, and subsequently updates about the re-opening of their member clubs. See for more information.

We continue to liaise and share concerns about local traffic and planning applications with CASCH Residents’ Association which covers Avenue Road, Birchington Road, Bryanstone Road, Claremont Road, Clifton Road, Coleridge Road, Coolhurst Road, Courtside, Crescent Road, Crouch Hall Road, Hurst Avenue, Maybury Mews, Stanhope Gardens, Stanhope Road and Wychwood End. Their Chair, John Wilson, attended our 2019 AGM and a number of us attended their AGM and General Election Hustings in early December last year.

GMTRA is affiliated to the Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum and we circulate their messages. We have also communicated with CREOS (Crouch End Open Space), the Park Road Lido, the Bright Horizons Nursery (in the ground floor of the Hornsey Cricket Club) and the Shepherds Hill Allotments.

We have circulated messages relating to COVID-19 from our local councillors – Dawn Barnes, Luke Cawley-Harrison and Tammy Palmer – as well as updates from Haringey Council and most recently from the Haringey Federation of Residents Associations containing details of the COVID-19 app.

WhatsApp groups
In mid-March in response to the concerns about COVID-19 we were grateful to Glasslyn Road resident, Vicki Marks, for offering to coordinate and with GMTRA’s help set up a WhatsApp Group for residents who might need support as well as those who could be able to assist vulnerable neighbours.  We circulated her proposal by email and rapidly delivered it to those residents in our three streets for whom we did not have an email address.  Vicki consequently quickly organised one Corona virus WhatsApp group and then another which also enabled members to be able to take part in Zoom meetings organised by Julie Schwarz during lockdown and hear from the impressive Home Concert Club.

In August Vicki set up the Neighbourly GMT Support WhatsApp group so you might liaise directly with each other. It has also been very much appreciated and helped residents feel part of the community. 
Vicki continues to manage these three groups and you may still contact GMTRA if you wish to join.

In 2019/20 GMTRA had a paid-up membership of 62 households and currently circulates messages to 172 email addresses. The membership fee is 5 per household and we are proposing that it stays at this amount for 2020/21. We will circulate a message to all residents on our email list with methods of payment. Thank you to everyone who paid last year’s subscription and those who made donations.  (See John Tillotson’s Treasurer’s Report for 2019/2020 for details.) Do please let us know if new neighbours move in next to you so we can give them a ‘New Neighbours Welcome’ leaflet, and keep in touch with as many residents as possible in these difficult times.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you again before too long!


2. Treasurer’s Report

Treasurers Report


3. Income and Expenditure Account

2019-20 Financial Report