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Minutes of 2021 Annual General Meeting

Date:   Tuesday 19 October 2021
Place:   The Hornsey Club
Chair:   Virginia Jackson (Glasslyn Road)
Committee:  John Tillotson – Treasurer (View Crescent),
Susan Lonsdale, Adam Sharples, (Glasslyn Road).

Present: John Wilson (Chair, CASCH), Councillor Dawn Barnes, Councillor Luke Cawley-Harrison, Chris Waite (Hornsey Club), Andy Newton (Shepherds Cot Trust), Rob Jackson, Pam Beck, Annie Waite, Don Kelleher, Christine Kelleher, Veronica Flavell, Tony Smith, Ching Smith, Barbara Bleiman, Tim Parker, Dan Ehrlich, Nick Evans, Stephanie Lawrence, Nick Bloxam, Lynette Oliphant, Bernie Morey, Helena Cook, Kim Wolf, Martin Wolf, Stan Newman, Cyril Meadows, Peter Barber.

Apologies: Andy Wiley (committee), Simon Williets (committee), David Scott, Wilhelm Skogstad, Tristan Ashman (Highgate Wood School), John Newton (Shepherds Cot Trust), Zander Calderwood, Anne Calderwood, Brian Fitzpatrick, Shanti Gunesekera, Charlotte Souter, James Souter, John Walters, Jerome Wilmann.

1. Introductions
Virginia welcomed everyone to the AGM especially Cllrs Dawn Barnes and Luke Cawley-Harrison. She introduced members of the committee and invited all attendees to introduce themselves.

2. Minutes of 2019 AGM
The minutes of the 2019 AGM had been posted on the GMTRA website and were made available to the meeting. The minutes were approved unanimously by the meeting.

3. Matters arising
There were no matters arising.

4. Finance
Copies of the Income and Expenditure Account, plus a Balance Sheet as at 30 September 2021 (unaudited) together with a Treasurer’s Report for 2020/21 were made available to the meeting. It was noted that in the absence of an AGM in 2020 due to Covid restrictions, the membership fee had remained at £5 per household for the year 2020/21.

The Treasurer, John Tillotson, reported that the past year has been a record year for both income and for membership. John went on to add that this had been greatly helped by the efforts of Virginia and Adam who had both been out talking to residents and encouraging them to join GMTRA.

In the year 81 households representing just over 50% of the total of households were paid up members of GMTRA (compared to 62 in the previous year 2019/20). This resulted in an income of £450 including additional donations.

Total expenditure during the year amounted to just £95.98. This represented the sole cost associated with the hosting of the website (it was noted that due to Covid there was no 2020 AGM so there were no AGM incurred expenses). This resulted in a record £354.02 being carried forward to the Reserve which meant that at the start of the new financial year 2021/22 the Reserve stood at £646.01.

The Treasurer reminded the meeting that whilst the Balance Sheet was showing a bank balance of £1396.01, in 2019 a sum of £750 had been committed to the planting of three new trees one of which was still outstanding. The Treasurer commented that despite trying to pay for these trees the Council was being very slow in wanting to collect this money. It was suggested that the local Councillors may like to take note.

The Treasurer also mentioned that following an increase in the web hosting fee, from £6pm (+VAT) to £10pm (+VAT), earlier in the period he had managed to renegotiate the contract going forward, to £5pm (+VAT).

It was proposed and accepted by the meeting that the annual membership fees would remain at £5 per household for the coming year 2021/22.

5.  Membership
John Tillotson also tabled a membership report which showed that the membership for 2020/21 was 81 households out of a potential of 160 (ie just over 50%). In addition it was noted that GMTRA currently communicates via email to 176 email addresses. This covers some 124 households (77% of all households). To keep the membership up-to-date members were encouraged to let the Committee know when new residents move into the area by emailing GMTRA (

6. Report on activities
Chair  Virginia Jackson said this had been a strange year. Instead of enjoying our Committee meetings in a member’s home, we had to hold them over Zoom. Sue Lonsdale who continued as our Secretary lives in the middle of Glasslyn Road on the Wolseley Road side. Adam Sharples who continued as our Streetscene representative lives alongside the Hornsey Club grounds. John Tillotson continued to be our Treasurer as well as dealing with membership and keeping our website up-to-date. Before moving, he lived in View Crescent by Park Road Pools, the entrance to the Hornsey Club, the Nursery and the tennis courts. Andy Wiley lives in Montenotte Road near the entrance to Highgate Wood School, the Allotments, the Shepherds Cot Trust, and hence near the Upper Field, which is helpful for Neighbourhood Watch. Simon Williets lives in Tivoli Road behind the 62 Wolseley Road site so has liaised with the owner. He recently contacted him about the graffiti on the Wolseley Road entrance to the site, which was rapidly repainted. Virginia continued as Chair and lives in Glasslyn Road alongside the School’s Drum building and uphill from the Hornsey Clubhouse and Nursery.

Not having an email address for the occupants of some of the flooded houses in Tivoli Road and realising that a number of residents who live near the entrance to the Hornsey Club don’t receive GMTRA’s messages has convinced Virginia that this coming year we should persuade someone in this area to join the committee. This would also mean more residents could let GMTRA know about Neighbourhood Watch issues and receive our warnings.

Streetscene Adam Sharples reported that the main issue had been the flooding in July this year caused by exceptionally heavy rain which had affected about 40 households. Adam and others had identified and reported blocked drains and gullies both before and after the flooding occurred.  Adam had arranged a Zoom meeting with Council officers on 13 September to discuss the flooding which around 25 households attended. The meeting was informative and helpful and we had since reported all the flooding to the Council as a contribution to their review. Cllr Luke Cawley-Harrison had been extremely helpful in setting up the meeting and following up our reports of blocked gullies.

The committee had also kept an eye on the condition of our roads, including things like litter and overflowing bins, which are reported to Veolia. Adam encouraged residents to use the ‘Love Clean Streets’ App for reporting any matters of concern to the Council. GMTRA’s website ( shows how to get the App.

Website John Tillotson reported that when originally set up, the website contained a lot of very useful local information. Over the past year it had been updated a number of times as new information came available, such as new recommendations from members regarding local traders. Members were encouraged to look at the website and feed back to GMTRA ( if they spotted any errors/omissions or could suggest any amendments/improvements.

7. Neighbourhood Watch
Virginia Jackson, Joint Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator, advised that this was also our Neighbourhood Watch AGM. Neighbourhood Watch is another reason to build up GMTRA’s email contacts list so as many people as possible in our neighbourhood may let us know if they are victims of crime. Where appropriate, GMTRA can circulate warnings round our neighbourhood as well as to the Shepherds Hill NW, the new Coolhurst Road NW and also Highgate Wood School, the Shepherds Cot Trust and the Allotments. We do not circulate personal information. Because of its proximity to Shepherds Hill and Coolhurst Road it would be good if someone living near the top of Montenotte Road joined the committee.

8. Hornsey Club
Chris Waite reported on the Hornsey Club. Their cricket team has been very successful and is now playing at premiership level. He reminded residents that the Club has been going for 152 years and is run by many volunteers.

In the late 1970s, the Club sold some land which became View Crescent. An unsuccessful bid for a lottery grant led to the tennis courts falling into disrepair. He maintained it is difficult for the Club to compete with the large number of local tennis courts. In response to receiving a large bequest from the Bruce family the Club is now aspiring to build an indoor sports hall on the area that has the tennis courts and the derelict area between them and the cricket nets. They would still need to raise additional funds. Once they’re able to proceed they will let their neighbours know and invite them to the Club for discussions.  Some concern was expressed about the increased volume of traffic that might ensue. Chris said they were looking into increasing parking on site as well.

9. Highgate Wood School
The Chair asked for any concerns, complaints and compliments so we might report them to Tristan Ashman, the School’s Assistant Head Teacher and send him a copy of the minutes to enable him to keep the school informed of local issues.

10. Election of Committee
Chair: Virginia Jackson 
(nominated by Susan Lonsdale and seconded by Stan Newman).
Treasurer: Stephanie Lawrence (nominated by Virginia Jackson and seconded by Susan Lonsdale)
Committee Members: Zander Calderwood (nominated by Virginia Jackson and seconded by Adam Sharples)
Adam Sharples,
 Andy Wiley and Simon Williets, were re-elected onto the Committee.
There were no other nominees.

To allow the new Treasurer, Stephanie Lawrence, to become a signatory to our GMTRA NatWest account the following resolution was presented to the meeting and passed unanimously by a show of hands:

“The authorised signatories in the current mandate, for the accounts detailed in section 2, be changed in accordance with section 5 and 6 and the current mandate will continue as amended.” [Note – Section 5 deletes the previous Treasurer, John Tillotson, and Section 6 adds the new Treasurer, Stephanie Lawrence.]

Both Sue Lonsdale and John Tillotson stood down at the AGM and subsequently Virginia thanked Sue for all she had done over the years on the committee. She also thanked John for all his work as an excellent Treasurer and supportive committee member for a number of years.

11. Members’ concerns and suggestions
One query concerned the Liveable Crouch End scheme referred to in our 2019 AGM minutes. Cllr Luke Cawley-Harrison advised that events had meant that this was not proceeding.

 12. AOB
Nothing was raised.

Virginia thanked Chris Waite for allowing GMTRA the use of the clubhouse after which the meeting ended with time left for people to enjoy socialising.