Electric Car Charging

Research confirms that electric cars are better for the environment. They emit fewer greenhouse gases and air pollutants than petrol or diesel cars. Many of us want to make the change from fossil fuels to a greener alternative. However a big issue for those living without off-street parking is how to charge the vehicle at home. Officially it’s not allowed to run a cable across the pavement, so owners of EVs need to find a public charging point. At the moment there are 81 charging points across the borough (Here’s a Zap Map of locations) but none are very close for GMTRA residents. 

GMTRA Survey

Several residents approached the association expressing an interest in trying to get charging points for electric vehicles installed on the road. To gauge support in our streets for the idea we conducted a survey in January 2022.

We had a very good response (65 in total) to the survey. The results were clear there was a high demand  for the installation of charging points in our roads. You can see the results here on our blog >>

Submission To The Council On Behalf Of Residents

Using these results we were able to make a submission to the Council to apply for installation of charging points. (Haringey currently have a programme for gradually rolling out charging points across the Borough.)

Update – November 2022

Success! We are delighted to see from the recent Haringey Statutory Consultation on Proposed Electric Vehicle Charging Points that Glasslyn Rd has been selected to receive 2 EV charging points in the latest roll out. (Only 40 new points for the whole borough)

 These will be part of the Source London charging network and will be accessible to Source London members, and all other users on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.

Update – October 2023

The electric vehicle charging points have now been installed and are available for use. It is 22kw which is generally considered a faster charger.

These points are part of the  Source London charging network. You can find out more on their website here >>

electric car charging in Glasslyn rd

Get In Touch

This topic is likely remain an important issue for some time to come so please keep us updated with you thoughts and suggestions. You can email the association here: We look forward to hearing from you.