Street Trees

Trees are a great benefit to our neighbourhood. They provide shade that cools our pavements (and cars) during heatwaves. They absorb airborne pollution and CO2 improving the air we breath. It is also proven that people who live in a tree-lined streets have better levels of well-being than those who don’t! As such GMTRA takes a keen interest in our leafy assets on behalf of all residents.

Suitable Trees

It is important to have the “right” type of tree. All trees start small but some can grow to exceed the space available in their location. In the wrong space a large tree can block light into homes, disrupt pavements and in some cases cause damage to homes.

What GMTRA Is Doing

In recent years the association has has ensured that old dead or dying trees have been removed by the council and has paid to have new trees planted. We have been active in getting some of the larger trees pruned removing hazards and improving paths for pedestrians and more light for nearby residents. We have identified currently that there are a small number of street trees that are causing damage to pavements and restricting light to homes. These have been photographed and passed to councillors to follow up, with a view to removing and replacing them with smaller varieties.

New Trees

Planting a new tree requires a number of factors to be considered. New trees require a new “pit” to be dug. (planting in the same place can spread disease left behind by the previous occupant) Pavements need to be lifted and cut to shape. Once the tree is in there is a period of care and watering.

There are several gaps on our streets at the moment following the removal of dead or diseased specimens.  We are currently working with the Haringey Trees for Streets program to identify suitable sites and tree species and hope to sponsor 3 new trees from association funds. We are looking to identify where new suitable trees can be planted. We will be consulting with residents adjoining those locations.

Dealing With Problem Trees

Generally the council seeks to preserve trees around the borough.  We understand from our communications with councillors that the council is unlikely to remove the tree if it is only causing damage to the pavements. You can read about council tree policy here >>

However if trees are causing damage to private property and an insurance claim is made that the claimant should request their insurance company reports the tree to council directly. Insurers usually produce comprehensive reports to support a removal request. The council is reluctant to remove trees without this input from insurance companies.  

Update – March  2024

Some good news for Easter is that a new tree has been planted in Glasslyn Road today (near number 34) and a second tree will be planted in Tivoli Road (again near number 34) shortly after Easter. Huge thanks go to Zander Calderwood who has put a lot of work into arranging this on behalf of GMTRA.

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