glasslyn road

Conservation Area

Montenotte, Glasslyn and Tivoli Roads are in a conservation area.  According to Haringey Council’s website ‘a conservation area is a place of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance’.

Conservation areas are subject to additional planning controls and you may need to apply for planning permission for alterations or extensions which would not normally require planning permission outside a conservation area. It is not possible here to provide a definitive list but information can be found on the council’s conservation area pages >>.

In respect of replacement windows the Council strongly advises owners of buildings within conservation areas to retain and repair their original timber or metal windows, as these give buildings their special architectural character and add value to the appearance of a conservation area.

The Council’s website also indicates that trees in conservation areas are afforded additional protection and that you must make an application for tree works before any work is carried out to prune or fell a tree in a conservation area.

There is extensive advice on the installation of satellite dishes issued by the Department for Communities and Local Government Guide book >>

The Council has the power to require the movement of a satellite dish which has been placed in an unsuitable position. Caution should be exercised about fixing a satellite dish to the front of a property in a conservation area