Electric Vehicle Charging Survey Results

Huge thanks to everyone who responded to our survey. We had a very good response (65 in total) and the demand for installation of charging points in our roads is very clear:

  • 90% wanted to see free standing charging points installed (either at the top of Glasslyn Road or the bottom on the ‘odd’ side)
  • 75% wanted to see lamppost charging points installed
  • 18% own an electric vehicle (or plug-in hybrid) now
  • 84% are considering getting an electric vehicle in future
  • 87% said that the availability of local charging points would make it more likely they would switch to an electric vehicle in future.

On this basis we are making a submission to the Council to apply for installation of charging points. This doesn’t mean we’ll get them any time soon but we hope it will get us in the queue.

Survey Results

You can see the full survey analysis here. (Please note that restrictions recently imposed by Survey Monkey, but not publicised, meant that we were only able to analyse the first 40 responses, but they are very likely to be representative of the responses as a whole.

If you responded to the survey on Sunday and included comments, I’m afraid we can’t see them so if they were important could you please send them to us by email – thanks).