Neighbourhood Watch January 2022 Newsletter

Attached is the January newsletter circulated on 31 January by our Designated Ward Officer, PCSO Lucia Popovici, with comments below from Virginia Jackson

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I delayed forwarding this to you because Lucia invited me to attend a Microsoft meeting with representatives from all their Wards – Crouch End, Hornsey, Highgate and Stroud Green – which she was chairing on the evening of Friday 4 February. I hoped I’d be able to obtain some information about local crimes during it.

For example I thought it would be helpful if I could let you know what time of day or night the burglaries in Shepherds Hill took place, how the burglars broke into the premises (via the back, front or side of the building, unlocked doors, windows etc) as well as details of the thefts from or of motor vehicles in Shepherds Hill. I duly joined this meeting (as did a representative from 4 from different Neighbourhood Watches) but It wasn’t possible to obtain any information.

At least these statistics remind you a number of crimes are taking place near us.

Please Keep Us Updated

Do please continue to let GMTRA know asap if you’re a victim of crime. This enables us to circulate warnings round our neighbourhood (currently to 181 residents) as well as to the Shepherds Hill NW, the Coolhurst Road NW and also to the Shepherds Cot Trust NW, Highgate Wood School and the Allotments when appropriate. This is truly neighbourly.