Charging Points For Electric Vehicles

Some residents have expressed an interest in trying to get charging points for electric vehicles installed on the road and we’d like to gauge support for the idea by asking you to complete a very short survey. If there is demand, we can make a case to the Council who have a programme for gradually rolling out charging points across the Borough.

A bit of background might help. Electric vehicles (EVs) have lots of benefits – less pollution, less CO2, and less noise – and in time they will be the only new cars we can buy. One of the obstacles for people thinking of switching to an EV is that on our roads most people don’t have off street parking.

Strictly, it’s not allowed to run a cable across the pavement, so owners of EVs need to find a public charging point. At the moment there are 81 charging points across the borough (Here’s a map Zap Map (external link)) but none are very close to us. The Council are currently consulting on proposals for 14 more locations, including Crouch Hall Road and Berkeley Road.

Types Of Charging Points

There are two main types of charging points – freestanding and in lamppost columns. The freestanding type are set into the road with dedicated parking bays for EVs being charged either side of the charging point. The lamppost type don’t have dedicated parking bays but do have signs requesting that people do not park by the column unless they are using the charger. All the currently proposed new locations in Haringey are for freestanding charging points often with two points and four parking bays.

If a freestanding charging point were to be installed on our roads it would make sense to position it where it is not directly in front of any houses. For example this could be at the top of Glasslyn Road on either side; or at the bottom of Glasslyn Road on the ‘odd’ side. Lamppost charging points don’t require roadworks but have less assurance that there will be a parking space free to use the charger.

Share Your Views

Please complete the survey here It won’t take a minute, and we’d value your views.