GMTRA messages

The following were elected onto the committee for the year 2021/22 at our AGM on 19 October:
Virginia Jackson, Glasslyn Road (Chair)
Stephanie Lawrence, Glasslyn Road  (Treasurer)
Zander Calderwood, Glasslyn Road
Adam Sharples, Glasslyn Road
Andy Wiley, Montenotte Road
Simon Williets, Tivoli Road
It was an interesting and informative AGM. In due course we’ll let you know when the minutes have been posted on our website.

Just a reminder:

Sunday 31 October:
the clocks change back 1 hour at 2a.m.
it’s Halloween
Saturday 6 November:
Alexandra Palace Fireworks Festival – see their website for full details but I read the actual firework display starts at 8pm.
In past years we’ve received Neighbourhood Watch messages advising us how to behave at Halloween and during the firework season here. I suppose the advice is really to simply be considerate of your neighbours – no knocking on doors if there is nothing indicating that the occupants welcome callers and remember to let residents know if you plan to let off fireworks so they may keep cats, dogs, young children and anyone of a nervous disposition indoors out of earshot.

Virginia Jackson has some Metropolitan Police leaflets –

​​and would be happy to drop a copy in to anyone who is interested.