Maynard Arms Vintage Photo

Another vintage photo for our album. For GMTRA residents The Maynard Arms is your “local”. It was built by developers  Joshua Alexander and William Bradshaw in 1851 with an eye on serving beer to the increasing population of Crouch End, expanding rapidly at that time. Farm land, large estates and country houses were being sold off and many of the houses that we know today being built – including our own streets a few year later.

The Maynard Name

The Maynard name comes from Stephen Maynard of Islington who was lord of the manor of Topsfield in 1356. When the pub was built Park Road was know as Maynard Street (Although the road name was changed in the 1870’s as it was the road to the new Alexandra Palace and Park)


Image comes from local resident and local historian Ken Stevens who has combined great local knowledge with a vast array of photos. You will come across him on a number of forums and  social channels where Hornsey local history is being discussed.