Complaint To UK Power Regarding Road Closure

The roadworks in Glasslyn Road have been disrupting and causing great inconvenience for local residents since March. GMTRA have written to UK Power Networks on behalf of residents to communicate local frustration, establish a firm date for completion and to ensure that works a completed to a high standard, restoring the local street to its original condition – including trees.

GMTRA Letter To UK Power Networks

Dear UK Power Networks

Complaint regarding works and road closure at Glasslyn Road, Crouch End, London, N8

I write on behalf of the local Residents Association for Glasslyn Road.

On 22 March this year the end of Glasslyn Road was closed off to enable UK Power Networks to work on a defective underground cable. Ten weeks on, and the road is still closed. Last week the work appeared to be finished, the hole was filled, and we expected the road to reopen imminently, but it appears that the work was not completed properly and excavations have started again.

During this entire period there has been no communication from UK Power Networks to residents to explain what is happening and how long the works will take. As you can imagine, this closure is causing major inconvenience for residents and for delivery vehicles which have to turn round in a road of limited width with parked cars on both sides. The refuse collection lorries have to reverse the entire length of the street every week.

We would be grateful if you would respond to the following points:

  1. Please provide us with a firm timetable for completion of the works and reopening of the road. And please notify us immediately if there is any change to the planned schedule.

  1. Please confirm that the team undertaking the work has sufficient competence and sufficient resources to complete the work as scheduled. It is very worrying that there appears to have been no quality control or inspection before the hole was filled in when there were still problems outstanding.

  1. The work has necessitated the removal of a street tree, which is now in a poor state and probably dead. Please provide your assurance and commitment that the tree will be replaced by a new tree in the same location.

We look forward to receiving your prompt reply and hope that it will not be necessary to raise this matter with Ofgem.

Yours sincerely

Robert Jackson

Secretary, GMTRA