GMTRA Neighbourhood Watch warning

In a message to their residents the Muswell Hill police reported that recently a steering wheel was stolen from a BMW as well as a catalytic converter from another. They said that the BMW is the only make of vehicle that gets targeted for steering wheels. They also advised a Range Rover was stolen and that Range Rovers are targeted for vehicle theft.

We are sorry GMTRA doesn’t directly receive such messages as  what happens in Muswell Hill reminds us to try and prevent them from happening here.

Similar Local Incidents

To the best of our knowledge we’ve had three BMW break-ins involving the removal of a steering well and other parts – one in Tivoli Road and the other two in Glasslyn Road. You may also remember the theft of the Range Rover from outside 63/65 Glasslyn Road in June last year. What was especially shocking was that the owner of the Range Rover arrived in the evening and the vehicle was stolen at around 3.00am. The owner had only come for one night and was going to unload the Range Rover the next morning before returning home, so of course the contents were stolen as well.

Do take care and remember to email GMTRA about any crime you experience so we can warn the neighbourhood asap.