Neighbourhood Watch: Car crime on the rise

We have had the following message from Neil Rogers the Watch Liaison Officer for Haringey  with regards to car crime in our area.

It has been brought to my attention that numerous attempted car thefts and actual car thefts are happening over the whole borough.

Please be vigilant with locking your car once you leave it, even if just for a couple of minutes, that’s all it takes for someone to get in and drive off. There is technology out there that means thieves can copy your car key signal (for keyless cars) and use that signal to make the car think the keys are in the car and so can start it up and drive off.

We would always recommend you buy a faraday pouch to put your keys in when at home. This blocks any signals from being received by their machines and means they can’t mimic your car key and take your car.

Whilst this is great for stopping them from taking your car, there are always ways for thieves to get access to your car in order to steal what’s in it. Please remember to empty your car of any of your belongings to a) stop them from being taken and b) to stop your car from looking like a treasure trove to criminals.

For more information on making your car safe from criminals please visit and scroll down to the vehicle section for a comprehensive guide.

Stay Safe Haringey

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If you need to reply regarding this message, tap on this email address:

Neil Rogers
Watch Liaison Officer for Haringey