Crouch End Ward – Crime Prevention Advice

The following is a message GMTRA recently received from PCSO Lucia Popovici, Designated Ward Officer – Crouch End. You might note that the Crouch Ward now includes several streets which were previously in the Muswell Hill ward.

Dear NHW Members, Coordinators and Ward Panel Members

I hope this email finds you safe and well.

First please accept my apologies in regards to our lack of communication as I am sure you all are aware of the latest events.

Our officers including myself have been caught with lots of aid and additional tasks to our usual so we didn’t manage to keep in touch with you as often as we would like, apologies for this once again.

Today’s email is in regards to a Distracted Residential Burglary that happened a week ago on one of newly added to Crouch End Ward Street, previously Muswell Hill.

The reason why I want to make you aware of this one is because the victim is a vulnerable resident at a supported living address and the suspects distracted her with a leaking pipe to gain entry in to the property while someone else was stealing goods from the property.

I will kindly ask you to be extremely vigilant and to inform everyone you know and consider vulnerable by any means to be vigilant and extra verifications, ID, reference/job number to be asked while dealing with such situations.

On this particular one unfortunately we haven’t got any suspects identified as from the description they were forensically aware and did they best to avoid leaving any trace behind.

Also, in the light with the latest Lambeth Shooting, I am sure you all are aware from the media, I will kindly ask you to let us know if you are aware of any community tensions in Crouch End area.

If yes please let us know so we can take action and prevent any future disorders.

For Cecile Park NHW members concerned about a vulnerable person at Nr. 74 threatening the residents around, they have been sectioned and are at the moment in Chase Farm Hospital under Doctors supervision.

On this note, I should thank you all for your support and hard work in our community.

Warm regards


PCSO Lucia Popovici

Designated Ward Officer – Crouch End