Update On 4th Dec Post – An Arrest

Update re man arrested on Shepherds Hill on Friday 3 December

On 4 December we circulated a message from the Glasslyn Road resident who tracked a man up Glasslyn Road towards Montenotte Road who was trying every car door and checking out every pathway round noon on Friday 3 December. He said the man was clearly drunk or on drugs and ended up slumped on some steps outside 80 Shepherds Hill where he was able to direct the police to pick him up.

We’re now very grateful to the Glasslyn Road resident for sending us an update on last Friday’s arrest. When he gave his formal statement to the police they advised him the offender caught is incredibly prolific and specialises in both vehicle crime and burglaries. The man has a drug addiction and comes to Crouch End regularly to commit crime, particularly at this time of year.

A photo of the man is below and apparently he is 5’8″ tall.

The recommendation by police is that if he is seen in the area regardless of whether he is committing a crime we should call 999 as chances are that he is either wanted or about to commit a crime.

Do take care and warn your families and visitors to ensure their cars are secure at all times and it’s not possible for anyone to break into your home via doors, windows or side gates.