20 Meter High Mobile Phone Mast Proposal

Many residents have expressed concerns about a letter written on behalf of a company called Cornerstone which is proposing to build a 20 meter high mobile phone mast on the side of the Hornsey Cricket Club grounds next to the Lido. It seems that masts up to 30 meters no longer need full planning permission but they do need a ‘prior consent’ from the Council which in turn has to consult residents. Cornerstone will also need permission from the Club. This is a good source of information…

We have responded to the letter as below, and shared this with our Councillors and MP. You can also register your concerns by emailing by 27 February and quoting cell number CTIL_306469 00.

GMTRA Letter To Cornerstone


Dear Mr Maynard,

I write on behalf of the Glasslyn, Montenotte & Tivoli Residents’ Association (GMTRA). Several of our residents have alerted us to the letter they have received from you concerning your proposed installation of a base station and mast in the grounds of the Hornsey Club. Many residents will be responding to you directly, but it would appear to us that there is widespread dismay and opposition to your proposal, and not a single voice in favour. GMTRA will therefore be adding its voice to the objections and taking any steps available to oppose your plans.

We would like to make the following points:

  • The proposed location is situated on designated Metropolitan Open Land. Building of any kind is not generally permitted on such land.
  • The mast will be located in an area of open green space and therefore highly visible and intrusive. Although just outside a conservation area, it will be visible from many points within the conservation area. Furthermore, it will tower over the public open-air swimming pool which is just metres away.
  • You should be aware that the proposed location is prone to flooding in heavy rain.
  • You should also be aware that the Hornsey Club field has been used as a landing site for air ambulance helicopters, as most recently as August 2022 in response to an emergency at the Park Road swimming pool. Clearly a mast in this location would be a dangerous hazard in this regard.

We hope you will withdraw this proposal and find a more suitable site for your needs. I am copying this to our local Ward Councillors and to our local MP, Catherine West, for information.