phone mast refused

Application Refused- Phone Mast Decision

On Friday the Council published its decision on the application to build a 20m high phone mast on the Hornsey Club cricket field – and the decision is to refuse the application.

In its decision letter the council wrote:

The proposed development, by reason of its siting, appearance, size, scale and prominent location, would be visually intrusive, resulting in an incongruous and obtrusive form of development, adding to clutter within this area of Metropolitan Open Area and would appear out of keeping with the character of the surrounding street scene and would have a detrimental impact on local visual amenity and on the character and appearance of the wider area

Thank You Residents

Thank you to everyone who sent in comments in response to the consultation on the application. There were over 50 comments and every one was an objection, and I’m sure this swayed the decision. The Hornsey Club, who were totally opposed to the development, submitted a particularly strong objection. Thank you too to our Councillors – Luke, Cressida and Lester – who were very helpful at each stage. We need to stay alert in case there is an appeal.

You can see full details of the decision here