Telecoms Mast On Hornsey Club Ground – Letter To Councillors

The window to add comments to the planning process has now closed. Given the high number of objections to the  proposal, GMTRA are keen that this application is referred to the planning sub committee so that local voices can be properly heard.

GMTRA Letter To Councillors

Dear Lester, Cressida and Luke

As you know there is a lot of concern locally about the proposal to build a 20m phone mast on the Hornsey Cricket Club field. You’ll have seen some of the 50 comments that have been submitted in response to the application for prior approval from the developer (HGY/2023/0825), all of which register strong objections. These include submissions from GMTRA and the Club itself.
The Council’s planning site shows this application as for delegated decision with a target date of 19 May. Clearly a decision by officers to approve the application in the face of such strong local opposition would be very controversial.
I appreciate, Lester and Luke, that you are members of the planning sub-committee and need to stay neutral on the merits of the application. But I would hope that you would all agree that if officers were minded to approve the application, this would be highly contentious and it would be appropriate for the application to be referred to the planning sub-committee so that local voices can be properly heard.
Best wishes
Adam Sharples
Chair, GMTRA