Glasslyn Road Works Update

As you probably aware Glasslyn Road is closed due to substantial roadworks at the top of the hill.  This has been caused by the need to repair a fault in an underground 33kV power distribution cable. This cable is oil-filled for insulation, and the root cause of the problem is an oil leak which has led to the cable being damaged.

The oil leak has now been traced to a faulty connection in the cable as far away as Rosebery Gardens, which has drained the entire length of the cable to the top of Glasslyn Road. So the recent apparent hiatus in the work is because the team have been busy digging up the road at the other end.

We understand the leak has now been fixed and the damage in Glasslyn Road has also been repaired, so the next step is to refill the oil. Then the earth needs to be brought back to fill the substantial hole. Optimistically the road could be reopened in about a week’s time, but don’t bet on it!

At least they appear to be making an effort to preserve the street tree that has had to be dug up.