Planning Application Tivoli Road

GMTRA has been directly contacted by Haringey’s Head of Development Management and Planning Enforcement concerning the following planning application. By forwarding this to you we are not implying you’ve not been consulted about this proposal.

Reference:  HGY/2021/3584
Location:   2 Tivoli Road, N8 8RE

Planning Proposal

Single storey side extension to replace the current conservatory, pitched roof with rooflights. 2 new side windows at ground floor. Hip roof extension to alter roof pitch of main roof, with 2 roof dormers (side and rear), and front facing rooflights. Repair/replace chimney stacks.

Below is a link where you can view the application and associated documents and provide comments online:


We’ve been advised they would appreciate receiving observations by 21/01/2022.  After that period the application may be taken into consideration and decided by the Council.