Shepherds Cot Trust Message

We have received the following message from  John Newton, who is the Chairman of Shepherds Cot Trust – the open space that neighbours our roads

Shepherds Cot Trust Message

 Dear all,

Please may I draw your attention to the important need to ensure the Shepherds Cot entrance gates at Park Road and Montenotte Road are locked at night. I have had reports that this is not happening regularly and to ensure we deter fly tipping and other antisocial behaviour we must do better!

Please may I ask Steve and security team at Highgate Wood School to lock Montenotte Road gates as agreed when security staff leave – but liaise with Andy Bennett at North London Cricket Club if there is a change to this. Please open for your staff and others in the morning.

With regard to Park Road gates, please may I ask club members to lock when you leave at night at 10pm or later if you have organised events ensuring people are not locked on site.

We realise this is not always a perfect system of course, but we need to better secure the site. There has also been an increase in drug abuse with cannisters scattered over many parts of the car parks and site.

Meanwhile, the Hanley Gate closing seems to be working pretty well with Hanley members ensuring locking at night and keeping the Hanley car park safe. Good work!

For your reference we are making a change to the Hanley gate next month to ensure that larger lorries can make the trip up to the car park. More on this nearer the time of works.

Many thanks for your assistance in commucating this to your staff and members and helping to ensure we keep the Cot safe.

Any concerns – just let me know.

With best regards
John Newton

In addition to the message below – John has asked if you would please lock the gate if you’re last out, but avoid any confrontations if cars or strangers are left inside. Just tell the police. Please be vigilant. They’ve done new gate work on Shepherds Lane so large vehicles will be able to get through. Keys will be given to CREOS and the Hanley Tennis Club.

Pleased to say that GMTRA committee member, Andy Wiley, who lives near the entrances to the Shepherds Cot Trust, Highgate Wood School and the Allotments in Montenotte Road liaises with the SCT and the school and  we will forward messages relating to any issues to him.