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Telecom Mast – GMTRA Letter To Haringey Planning

Waldon Telecom (on behalf of 02) will shortly be submitting a prior approval application for the proposed telecoms mast to Haringey council. GMTRA has written to the planning department (also local councillors and MP) urging them to to refuse approval for such a development, outlining the numerous objections to the proposal and the strength of feeling among local residents.

GMTRA have also written to Waldon Telecom objecting to the proposed mast – you can read it here >>

You can see their response to GMTRA here >>

GMTRA Letter To Haringey Council Objecting To Proposed Telecoms Mast

Mr Rob Krzyszowski
Assistant Director for Planning
London Borough of Haringey
225 High Road
Wood Green
London N22 8HQ

17 March 2023

Dear Mr Krzyszowski

Re: Proposed telecoms base station & mast at Hornsey Cricket Club, Tivoli Road, N8

I am writing on behalf of the Glasslyn, Montenotte and Tivoli Roads Residents’ Association (GMTRA) which represents the views of households in these streets, including View Crescent. Many of our members have received a communication from Waldon Telecom Ltd. summarising their plans to install a radio base station on Hornsey Cricket Club’s ground at the end of Tivoli Road. GMTRA has received multiple expressions of concern about these plans which are seen as intrusive, unnecessary and damaging to the local environment. I am writing now to urge the council not to give approval to this proposal.

The contractor’s letter to local residents suggested that ‘we would welcome your views’ although where the Association and individuals have taken up this option the responses received have been couched in terms that suggest they are at best going through the motions of consultation. Questions as to why less obtrusive sites have not been considered have been ignored in favour of justifying the decision already made.

I’m sure you are aware that the site chosen is on Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) where building is tightly controlled. It is also a Site of Interest for Nature Conservation (SINC) Grade 1 and close to the border of the Crouch End Conservation Area. The contractors assert that the type of development they propose is not prohibited on MOL ‘if very special circumstances can be demonstrated’ and any harm arising is ‘clearly outweighed’ by its benefits. They fail however to explain the very special circumstances that could justify this, and the benefits would appear to be minimal, bearing in mind that this mast is for a single mobile operator (O2) and that reception in this area is already satisfactory. To local residents a 20m high mast along with its associated infrastructure on a scarce area of open green space used as a cricket ground would be a major blot on the local landscape.

We appreciate that the planning rules for 5G masts published last December permit developments such as this subject to ‘prior approval’ from the local planning authority and understand that the contractors will be seeking such approval shortly. However, we believe this proposal fails the criteria for permitted development in view of the location being on MOL and SINC Grade 1 land. There are no exceptional circumstances that can justify this development. Furthermore, it is our understanding that the company does not have the permission of the landowner (Hornsey Cricket Club) to erect a mast on its land.

We therefore urge you and your colleagues to refuse approval and to use every means at your disposal to dissuade those behind this development from progressing it further.

I am copying this letter to our local councillors and MP who I know have already been made aware of the strength of local feeling on this matter.

Yours Sincerely

Adam Sharples
Chair, GMTRA

cc Cllr L Buxton, Cllr L Cawley-Harrison, Cllr C Johnson, Catherine West MP